If can work in jetsonnano arm64

my board is Nvidia Jetson Nano,It base on ubuntu, but Jetson Nano CPU is about ARM64, I find the installation instruction that said only support
ARM32,May Nuitrack works in Jetson Nano or not?if it works I will buy the pro version of Nuitrack,i am finding hard to get a SDK can right for several different sensor

Hi ken,

Support for ARM64 is in our road map but the exact time frame is yet to be determined.

but there is not any package for arm64 , only arm32.Where I can download the package?

nuitrack-ubuntu-amd64.deb for AMD64
nuitrack-persee-ubuntu-arm32.deb for ARM 32-bit

ARM64 is not supported now. We’re planning to add support for this platform in the future.

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Hi, I am wondering if there has been any update on the ARM64 support? Is anyone working on it at the moment?
Now even raspberry pi is arm64…

Can I get schedule when Nuitrack support Jetson Nano?

Hi Buchy,

What sensor do you use?

Hi Olga,
I use Realsense D435i.

Has there been any update as to when the Jetson Nano will be supported? Will it work with the realsense d435 or d415?

Support for Jetson Nano is still being developed

OK, thanks. Any idea on a timeline?