Image not complete

I’m using the D415 camera with this code.

When I start the code, part of the image is cut off. Indeed, with my code the image is like this :

But with Intel’s software, the image is like that :

How can I improve the code so that the image is whole, please ?

Hi Laurie,

You can set the desired resolution by editing nuitrack.config. You can find this file in the folder %NUITRACK_HOME%/data. Open it and find the sections Realsense2Module.Depth and Realsense2Module.RGB. Set the resolution in ProcessWidth and ProcessHeight. For example, you can set the default resolution 1280x720 for D415 this way:

    "Realsense2Module": {
        "Depth": {
            "ProcessMaxDepth": 5000, 
            "ProcessWidth": 1280, 
            "ProcessHeight": 720, 
            "Preset": 5, 
            "PostProcessing": {
                "SpatialFilter": {
                    "spatial_iter": 0, 
                    "spatial_alpha": 0.5, 
                    "spatial_delta": 20
                "DownsampleFactor": 1
            "LaserPower": 1.0
        "FileRecord": "", 
        "RGB": {
            "ProcessWidth": 1280, 
            "ProcessHeight": 720

Thanks for your help. I made the changes you told me but it still does not work. With these changes, the size of my window has been enlarged but I still do not have the edges of the image.

Any update? I have the same problem.
EDIT, solve problem:

“Depth”: {
“RawWidth”: 1280,
“RawHeight”: 720,
“FPS”: 30,
Like in FAQ

Hi @lukaszdiekemper,