Impossible to complete the update

We tried to update nuitrack to the last version (0.29.0) unfortunatly, on all our computers we’re not able to activate the licence in your activation tool anymore.

We went through the known issues about the removal of the previous version (stuck at 33%, etc…) but now we can’t activate our license in the activation tool. The compatiblity test is ok, but the key area is locked and grey.

We tried to uninstall / reinstall, but we have the same issue at the end.
During the installation, we have several errors at 66% :

  • "execution failed (unexpected exit code: 1) “… OpenNI-Win64-1.5.7-Dev.msi /qn”
  • "execution failed (unexpected exit code: 1) “… Primesense-sensor…msi /qn”
  • "execution failed (unexpected exit code: 1) “… set_sys_en.bat”
  • "execution failed (unexpected exit code: 1) “… grant %USERNAME% /T”

Do you know how to fix it ?

Thank you.

Please specify: do you see a window with depth after starting the compatibility test? If not, then try to run the application as administrator

Please make sure you have write permissions for the installation directory.