Infinite compatibility test


Currently, I’m facing a problem with infinite compatibility test. I’m using Gentoo Linux with D435 camera and everything seemed to work fine except the activation. If I launch nuitrack_sample I will get:

UVCVideoCapture::open ERROR: can't find device
Can't find video camera!
Can't find Depth camera!
Create DepthProvider: Realsense2DepthProvider

so I have a demo of working software (I can see the picture of mine with skeleton tracking).

QtNuitrackLicense opens a window with the only one option: Compatibility test. The version number at the bottom is not displayed.

The reasons why QtNuitrackLicense can’t display Nuitrack version:
– dpkg isn’t installed on your system;
– Nuitrack hasn’t been installed correctly.
Try to reinstall Nuitrack using the instructions in the documentation and let us know if something has changed.
Online documentation (Installation Instructions)

Honestly, I didn’t want to use dpkg. But after installation and dpkg -i <>.dev everything works just fine. Thanks!