Install nuitrack on visualstudio (add picture)


I set the environment(path) using CMAKE. there was no error.but the computer could not recognize the camera.
so how to fix this error

first is visualstudio
second is device manager
third is run visualstudio
fourth is run visualstudio on x64(win64), but appear error like fourth picture

Hi Hong,

You’re trying to run nuitrack_ni_gl_sample.exe, which won’t work with RealSense (because this sensor isn’t OpenNI compatible). Please try to run other samples, such as nuitrack_gl_sample.exe

thanks, olga
I successed set nuitrack on visual studio!!! so can i ask one more question to you?
my final goal is , get a Specific joint information. like a name the skull picture or get a Number of times joints are broken. please give me tip or method

Please specify what do you mean by "a name the skull picture? You can get the following info about joints: joint type, 2D and 3D coordinates, please see the relevant section in our docs.

I wanna skeleton location in this if i find skeleton location, i will revise skeleton information