INTEL D435 change frame rate

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I´m using the INTEL D435 and a modified version of the the Unity example.
I recognized that the sensor is running with 30 FPS only.
Through the nuitrack.config I already managed to change the resolution to 848x480
but I don´t see where I can change the frame rate to 60 or even 90 fps.
Also haven´t found something about this in the API.

Can anyone help please?

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Doesn’t it exist in nuitrack.config?
Find ‘Realsense2Module’ and change FPS value.

How exactly did you change the resolution to 848x480?

If you are changing “ProcessWidth” then all you are actually doing is changing the processing resolution inside NUITRACK - not the resolution of the realsense camera.

Internally nuitrack sets the sensor to “RawWidth” and “RawHeight” which are already set to 848x480 by default.


For what its worth - this is how we setup our system for testing - we found that changing the nuitrack.config is not a great idea - since each new build tends to make changes - better off handing the changes at runtime.

// always set mirror
Nuitrack::setConfigValue(“DepthProvider.Mirror”, “true”);

// Only track primary user
Nuitrack::setConfigValue(“Skeletonization.ActiveUsers”, “1”);

// Realsense Depth Module - force to 848x480 @ 60 FPS
Nuitrack::setConfigValue(“Realsense2Module.Depth.Preset”, “5”);
Nuitrack::setConfigValue(“Realsense2Module.Depth.RawWidth”, “848”);
Nuitrack::setConfigValue(“Realsense2Module.Depth.RawHeight”, “480”);
Nuitrack::setConfigValue(“Realsense2Module.Depth.ProcessWidth”, “848”);
Nuitrack::setConfigValue(“Realsense2Module.Depth.ProcessHeight”, “480”);
Nuitrack::setConfigValue(“Realsense2Module.Depth.FPS”, “60”);

// Realsense RGB Module - force to 848x480 @ 60 FPS
Nuitrack::setConfigValue(“Realsense2Module.RGB.RawWidth”, “848”);
Nuitrack::setConfigValue(“Realsense2Module.RGB.RawHeight”, “480”);
Nuitrack::setConfigValue(“Realsense2Module.RGB.ProcessWidth”, “848”);
Nuitrack::setConfigValue(“Realsense2Module.RGB.ProcessHeight”, “480”);
Nuitrack::setConfigValue(“Realsense2Module.RGB.FPS”, “60”);


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where can we found this information about the RealSense2Module?
i´m working in a skeleton tracking task with a d415 and I would like to know every possible configuration.

There is very little documentation on the config file at this point AND any there is also no guarantee that changes from version to version of nuitrack are backwards compatible.
What you see in the current nuitrack.config is pretty much the extent of the current documentation beyond some notes in these forums.

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Hello Westa, do you know of any other settings one could change in the Realsense2Module RGB, besides Raw-Process-Width/Height and fps?

Hi Pawder,

Actually, these are only available options in this section.