Intel Real-Sense D435 + Oculus Go + Nuitrack Unity SDK

I’m doing some projects with Nuitrack SDK!
First of all Thanks for your wonderful Works!

Actually I’m trying to track user’s motion with Intel Real-Sense D435 Depth Camera and Nuitrack SDK.
And i completed check ‘Animating the Avatar using Skeleton’ Unity sample project works!
My Next work is to apply this Nuitrack Unity Project to Oculus Go and Get the user’s 3d Joint values by UDP streaming from the PC which is connected to Intel RealSense Depth Camera.

So i want to ask which part of scripts code i should check in unity sample project?
In detail, I want to know in which code they use 3d Human Joint values in ‘Animating the Avatar using Skeleton’ sample Projects

Thank you!

Hi Gyosun,

Thanks for your feedback!

As far as we understand, you have to check out this tutorial: Creating your First Unity Project using Nuitrack SDK. We get the information about the position of joints in this part:

void Update()
    if (CurrentUserTracker.CurrentUser != 0)
        nuitrack.Skeleton skeleton = CurrentUserTracker.CurrentSkeleton;
        message = "Skeleton found";
        for (int q = 0; q < typeJoint.Length; q++)
            nuitrack.Joint joint = skeleton.GetJoint(typeJoint[q]);
            Vector3 newPosition = 0.001f * joint.ToVector3(); //joint position from nuitrack
            CreatedJoint[q].transform.localPosition = newPosition;
        message = "Skeleton not found";

And then, in Animating the Avatar using Skeleton, we also use the orientation of joints starting from joint.ToQuaternionMirrored().