Intel Realsense D415 frame rate 60fps

Hi all, I have an Intel D415 camera mounted on a mobile robot and when I perform skeleton tracking at 60 fps (or even at 30 fps) the camera easily loses the skeleton and the data is unusable. This happens even if the robot moves minimally. On the contrary, this does not happen if the robot remains static. Obviously my requirements are different.
For this reason today I am using an Orbbec Astra camera and this problem does not occur. The tracking is perfect. However this sensor performs skeleton tracking at only 15fps which is not useful for me. I need to get a frame rate of at least 30fps.
For your information I am working on Ubuntu 16.04.

Could you give me a suggestion?

Hi Diego,

Please provide us with additional information:
• What settings for Realsense camera are used in the nuitrack.config file?
• Do you connect the Realsense camera using USB 2.0 or USB 3.0?
• Is the depth stream stable in your case? Are there frame rate drops (skipped frames) or restarting of a stream?
Also please note that moving camera use-case isn’t fully supported at the moment. We’re planning to add SLAM feature for this case. SLAM support will be implemented in the next 2-3 months.

Dear iosif.semenyuk. Thank you for your response. The Realsense camera was connected using USB 3.0. The only configuration we found to reach 60fps was the following:

Nuitrack::setConfigValue(“Realsense2Module.Depth.RawWidth”, “424”); Nuitrack::setConfigValue(“Realsense2Module.Depth. RawHeight”, “240”); Nuitrack::setConfigValue(“Realsense2Module.Depth.ProcessWidth”, “424”); Nuitrack::setConfigValue(“Realsense2Module.Depth.ProcessHeight”, “240”);
Nuitrack::setConfigValue(“Realsense2Module.Depth.FPS”, “60”);

which is a very low resolution but works at 60 fps. The depth stream was not stable and we were able to work at 30 fps and 15 fps too.
In all cases (60,30 or 15 fps), the recording stops when the mobile robot starts to move.
On the contrary, when we replace the camera with an Orbbec Astra, the recording is continuous and the depth stream is highly stable. However with this camera we only get 15fps (in this case the USB is 2.0). As I mentioned earlier a sampling rate of 15fps is too low for our application.

Finally, there’s something in your response that I don’t understand. How do you use SLAM for this case? I know what SLAM is but I don’t understand how to do body tracking using it.

  1. What do you mean by “… recording stops …”? You haven’t mentioned what you are recording.
  2. Please record the video that shows your issue and send it to us at
  3. SLAM will improve skeleton tracking in the case of a moving sensor (with a dynamically changing environment).