Intel RealSense D415, Unity stability issues

I can run the Unity examples, but the Unity editor becomes unusable (cant move gameobjects in hierarchy) after play mode. Unity also crashes regularly.

I have the camera registered as pro, and all environment vars set globally as requested.

I have also tried using an older version (Unity 5.5) but still same issues.

Hi spotd,

Please advise what OS do you use?
Could you please check the samples on a different machine, if possible?


I am using Windows 10 pro
I only have OSX machines otherwise (not windows).
I have gone back to developing with the kinect 2 for now as rock solid in comparison



Hello, just checking before i publicise my experience with your SDK. Is your solution to just remove me from your forum and forget about it? Any further help would be appreciated

Hi Mark,

Sorry for a delayed reply.

Please reply to the following questions so we can better understand what causes this issue:

  • What depth sensor do you use?
  • What is the resolution of your sensor?
  • Do you encounter the same issue when running “RiggedModel” scene?
  • Are there any errors in Unity log? If yes, please, provide us with these error messages.

Please run nuitrack_c11_sample.exe and provide us with the screenshot.
Also, it would be great if you could send us some screenshots of Unity editors when the issue occurs.


Hi Mark,

It seems that the the problem is connected to the Windows combase.dll file (combase.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module combase.dll at 0033:1f71c735).

So we guess the problem isn’t caused by Nuitrack. Please contact the developers of combase.dll about this issue.

How come i have never had this issue in over 2 years developing in Unity with this Machine? Only using your SDK causes it. Nothing else does this, including using kinect 2 etc

Seems unlikely

Resolution… having looked around - this a Microsoft driver, and can be linked to resolution (being too small). If i turn on maximise on play - the problem is gone! So it appears to be linked to using your SDK in a small player window ??!

Hi Mark,

We’ve run Nuitrack with minimum resolution possible (in Unity). So it seems that this issue is not connected to Nuitrack operation with small resolution.