Intel Realsense D435

It seems that the nuitrack release code is not properly releasing the realsense camera - or is leaving it in a state that prevents nuitrack from reconnecting to the sensor.

Using the c11 example - if we run the example - the example finds the sensor the first time an displays the depthmap. If we then exit the example and restart it the depthmap is shown as a blank image - and the framerate drops to something like 4 frames per second.

If we disconnect the sensor and reconnect it then again run the c11 example everything works correctly again for the first time. But the second time we run the example the same thing happens.

If we perform the same test - but open the realsense viewer - and select its HARDWARE RESET option - we can again run the c11 example once.

If we manually build the nuitrack_gl_sample we see the same results.

If we add our own realsense context to the nuitrack_gl_sample and add code to open and manually hardware reset the realsense sensor using rs2Dev.hardware_reset(); we do not see this issue.

If we manually build the realsense rs_multicam sample or any other sample - we do not see this issue.


Hi Westa,

Please advise what is your sensor firmware version and your OS?

We’ll investigate this issue, however, we’ve already tried to reproduce this issue but this problem didn’t arise with our sensors.

Hi Olga,

Windows 10 version 1803 - build 17134.165

Intel Realsense D435 running firmware

But note that this was also happening prior to upgrading firmware.

We have also installed the matching realsense sdk (2.11.1) on this test system to run comparison builds.