Intel RealSense D455 Compared to D435 and D415

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I work at a museum where we are using Nuitrack for an interactive exhibition. The D435 was our first purchase, but it failed to perform consistently so we switched over to the D415 after reading some recommendations from users in this community. After running some tests, we’ve found that it runs much better so it’s the one we wound up using.

We are in the process of installing another exhibition that will be using Nuitrack. For this second interactive exhibition, we specifically need a wide field of view. The D435 provides this, but I am hesitant to use it after the issues we had with it last time. After watching some footage online, the D455 appears to be a more powerful depth camera (although I have heard that its RGB component does not function properly). Has anyone here used Nuitrack with the D455? How did it function compared to the D435 and in particular, the superior D415?

We don’t care about the RGB component. The camera just needs to provide solid skeletal tracking.

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Hello, Parks Barnard!
Thank you for your interest in Nuitrack!

Please specify what problems did you face when using D435?
Did the sensor not work properly or there were problems with skeleton tracking?

The Skeleton tracking quality directly depends on the quality depth channel of the RGBD-sensor. The best skeleton tracking quality is provided on Kinect v1/v2/ Azure, Asus Xtion 1, and Orbbec Astra.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.