Intel RealSense on Android - Pixel3

I’m trying to run Nuitrack on Pixel3/Android. I’ve installed nuitrack.apk, and the installation completes correctly. The app asks if it can access the RealSense D435, but nothing visible on the screen. I have not rooted the device, and am unable to turn on root directory access in ES File Manager. Any suggestions, or does it look like I will need to root? Thanks.

Hi genealex,

Please note that read permission for a root folder is required. You can check the permissions using any file manager, for example, ES File Manager: if the “/” folder is empty, then read permissions for the root folder aren’t granted in the current firmware version of your Android device. We’ve checked Nuitrack with Pixel1 but unfortunately it didn’t work due to the absence of this permission.

Thanks Olga, I’m sure you’re right.