Interaction with wall using skeleton tracking

Hello. I’m creating an application which contains an interaction with wall using Nuitrack (Climbing Wall, 1st photo). I’m projecting some pictures on a wall by projector and player has to touch them. Nuitrack works very good when player isn’t touching the wall but when his hand is very close to the wall it’s disappearing and I can’t track the coordinates (2nd and 3rd photos).

I use recommendations from Knowledge Base (to calibrate the background) but it doesn’t have a result. Should I change the sensor or Nuitrack isn’t a good solution in my case? Maybe I should use other preset or other settings?

My sensor is Intel RealSense D415. I know that in the same case the other developers used the Kinect sensor and it works good but as you know it isn’t produced.

Thank you

Hi Timur,

Background calibration can help to solve such problems but it’s not a perfect solution for RealSense D415. The recommended distance between this sensor and a user for this sensor is about 1-1.5 meters. Skeleton tracking at greater distances can be unstable.

Skeleton tracking quality depends on the quality of a depth map. If possible, you can try to use other sensors (such as Orbbec Astra/Astra Pro or ASUS Xtion), which provide good quality of a depth map.

You can also try to use post-processing filters with D415 to improve the tracking quality. To do this, you have to edit nuitrack.config:

Also please try to run any standard sample (for example, nuitrack_sample) to check background calibration. Do you get the same result?

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Thank you
I’ve bought a Kinect v1 and now I’m using Kinect SDK 1.8 for my game. It works well when I’m standing against the wall.
So, maybe I will use Nuitrack for my next projects.