Intermittent crashes on packaged application


We’re getting intermittent crashes on our packaged Unity application with the following exception:


The application should run for 10 to 12 hours every day and we’re getting around 12 crashes a day with the same error provided above. The crashes don’t have any specific pattern, we have had multiple crashes happen within a 30 min span and we have also had the application running for 5 hours with up to 6 people being tracked without issues.

We sent some crash logs and dmp files through email, let us know if you have received them or if we should send them again.

These are the specs we are using:

  • Intel Realsense D455
  • Nuitrack v0.36.3
  • Unity 2021.3.10f1

Thank you in advance

Hello @asama
Try to test the sample Nuitrack\nuitrack\nuitrack\bin\nuitrack_sample.exe
Does the same problem occur?

Hi, no the problem hasn’t been solved. The times we’ve tested with the sample we haven’t had crashes, but we have tested for shorter periods of time and with less people. Have you had a chance to look at the crash logs and dmp files I sent? Thank you.

Can you tell me the name of the project so that I understand which log is yours? (or upload log on a file sharing site and give a link, if possible)