Is there any way to transfer RGB values to a PC using Tvico?

We have succeeded in transferring skeleton data to PC using Tvico.

However, this data alone cannot make any product.

Is there any way to transfer RGB values ​​to a PC using Tvico?

I’m really desperate on this issue.

Dear @GenJu,
as mentioned in TVico User Guide, currently only skeleton data can be transferred to PC.
Could you please provide more info about your use case, so we can try to propose a solution?

Thanks for the reply.

We are making a fitness game for PC using Unity.

Users must take a specific posture while looking at the monitor.

However, with TVico, only skeleton data is output, so visual elements are very lacking.

I know that the skeleton communicates data via Wifi, but I think Tvico can also transmit RGB data in the same way as other Android applications transmit RGB data.

Is there no way at all?

Hello. Sorry for the delayed reply. Unfortunately, the TVico + PC bundle can only transfer skeletal data via Wi-Fi. You can build an android application (apk) on TVico. Or if you need a PC, then use another sensor from this list