Is there any way to transfer RGB values to a PC using Tvico?

We have succeeded in transferring skeleton data to PC using Tvico.

However, this data alone cannot make any product.

Is there any way to transfer RGB values ​​to a PC using Tvico?

I’m really desperate on this issue.

Dear @GenJu,
as mentioned in TVico User Guide, currently only skeleton data can be transferred to PC.
Could you please provide more info about your use case, so we can try to propose a solution?

Thanks for the reply.

We are making a fitness game for PC using Unity.

Users must take a specific posture while looking at the monitor.

However, with TVico, only skeleton data is output, so visual elements are very lacking.

I know that the skeleton communicates data via Wifi, but I think Tvico can also transmit RGB data in the same way as other Android applications transmit RGB data.

Is there no way at all?