Issue of feet crossed

Hi there,

I downloaded and installed Nuitrack on my windows 10 box, about 1 month ago. I am using RealSense 435.

I noticed a feet crossed issue from your Unity tutorial example “RiggedModel2”. If I stand with my feet wide open, it’s fine. But, if I make it slightly open (or just close), the feet are crossed. It does look weird, I switched to a different RealSense, it’s the same situation,

I then run bin\nuitrack_sample.exe. It has the same issue.

Do you happen to know what’s wrong? Or how to fix it?


Hi Alan,

You can try to change the tilt angle of your sensor. Usually, this issue happens if the floor plane isn’t visible by the sensor.

Thank you Olga. It helps!

In addition to this,

I noticed the sensor works a lot better when it’s placed on lets say a 1 meter height under a screen. But we have a big screen which we want to place it on and aim it downwards. Is that possible at all? Or do the sensors just not support that? Intel Realsense d415

We haven’t tested this case but most likely the quality of skeleton tracking would be lower.
Please see our recommendations for environment and sensor placement.