[issues] Color order is wrong in RealSense

In case of RealSense, Color3 of RGBFrame that retrieve from ColorSensor has wrong color order.
Color3::blue contains red information, and Color3::red contains blue information.
That is inverse. Perhaps, There is a mistake in implementation of NuiTrack.


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Hi Tsukasa,

RGBFrame stores a buffer of a colored image with BGR byte order.

Hi olga.kuzminykh,

Usually, The Color3::blue member variables should contain Blue information, The Color3::red member variables should contain Red information.
But, In case of NuiTrack SDK with RealSense, The Color3::blue member variables contain Red information, The Color3::red member variables contain Blue information.
I think it confuses developers. Why? :confused:

Member Valiables Expected Actual
(NuiTrack with RealSense)
Color3::blue Blue Red
Color3::red Red Blue

I think it is bug.

Seems that there maybe should be a seperate class called colorBGR that uses the correct labels for each value.


Hi Tsukasa,

Thank you for reporting this issue. We’ll fix this in the next release.

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