Jerky, glicty, abrupt and unsmooth, jittery handtracking movement

Hi Everyone,
As the title explains i’m having serious trouble with un-smooth hand movement on the screen.
I have tried to change the values inside the Nuitrack.config file
“HandTracker”: {
“SkeletonSupport”: true,
“HandMode”: “grab3d”,
“CoordsMode”: “abs”,
“TrainedClassificator”: “handtracker/svm_grab.xml”,
“HandPointerFrame”: {
“DistanceBetweenFrames”: 150.0,
“Width”: 300.0,
“Height”: 150.0
I have noticed little improvement when increased the “Width” and “Height” values but at the same time test the same product at another system, get the same unsmooth, glichy movement.

Or if anyone can tell me what these values mean and either they are in px or etc.?

I’m wondering if i need to adjust the resolution or the proportion of the values.

Looking forward to hear any suggestion.