Joints glitching out

So as many of you probaply know, at times a model can become very glitchy. I’m currently trying to catch this with the confidence value of a joint, but this only returns 0 or 0.75. Problem is, when it’s glitching a joint is still being tracked and returning 0.75. I was trying to only make it rotate the model joints when the value is .75 but that doesn’t solve the problem of glitching bodyparts. Most often these are the legs. In the Nuitrack viewer I also see it has a lot of troubles with legs at times. Is there anything I can do to fix this short term? The application needs to be done this week and these are the last changes we are trying to fix.

Greetz, Patrick

Hi Patrick,

Please advise what sensor do you use?

If you use RealSense, please record a .bag file, which shows your issue, using the realsense-viewer tool from RealSense SDK (in Depth Stream Settings, set the resolution to 1280x720, FPS: 30), upload it to any cloud storage and send us the link, we’ll investigate your issue.
If you use other sensor, please record an .oni file that shows your issue.

As for the “glitching” legs, make sure that the floor plane is clearly visible.