Jump Detection In Unity3d

Hello Community,
Does someone have any idea to detect jumps in unity using Nuitrack it would be great if we detect without floor.?

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Hi @aqshah2084

If your case contains user movement only on a horizontal surface (without ascents and descents), you can track real Y coordinate of any joint fixed on a person’s body (most appropriate would be collar)

Thank you @a.bragin for your response highly appreciated.
Yeah currently am playing with Y coordinate but in this way I can’t get what actually I want it.

@aqshah2084 You can also take a look at this tutorial. Might be helpful

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@a.bragin Yeah I watched this tutorial it is very helpful. But actually I was trying to get jump without floor.

Thank you @a.braginI developed a small code of pieces 90% working accurately. I highly appreciate your co-operate.

Thanks man

Hi @aqshah2084, could you please tell whether floor isn’t visible in your conditions or it’s visible and Nuitrack can’t detect it somehow?
(Actually, this use-case has a general applicability, so we are thinking on possible stable solutions).

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Thank you @TAG actually floor is visible but am totally unaware ho to get proper jump gesture in unity.

Hi @aqshah2084

How are you? Do you have any other related questions?