Kinect v2 camera flips skeleton

We are using nuitrack for professional applications and therefore need to support various camera types at the same time.

While testing with different manufactors we noticed, that only the Kinect camera flips the skeleton data (left = right). For e.g. the Orbbec everything works fine. I assume, that you already have an internal check for the current connected device and could easily adjust it from there? I would expect that the result for all cameras is the same, without having to detect the device and mirror the output by ourselves.

Additonally your suggested way of flipping the skeleton back on runtime does not work! Is this a known bug?
nuitrack.Nuitrack.SetConfigValue(“DepthProvider.Mirror”, “true”); -> does not do anything

There is another hidden way of doing the flipping that seams to work well on most windows machines, but still makes problems on some linux devices.

var sensor = nuitrack.DepthSensor.Create();

Also have a look at: Unity skeleton flip

So, what is the offiical way to handle the special case with the Kinect camera on runtime? Are there any plans to fix this it near future?

We’re going to release a new version of Nuitrack in the near future. In this update, this issue will be fixed.

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