Kinect v2 Unreal Engine 5 Integration

Hi! I’m trying to use Nuitrack to track my hand’s position using Kinect v2 in Unreal.

I tried following your tutorials but it seems unreal doesn’t receive Kinect’s signal. Do I need to do any setup? Am I missing any software?

I have used TouchDesigner to do the tracking before and it works but I’m looking for a plugin solution right now.

How can I verifiy that Nuitrack is receiving the video data?

Thank you.

Also when I try any of the demos I get a white screen.

This is with the Fitting Room Level.

Hello @victor.alonso.3d

Are there any errors in the “Output log”?

Hi Stepan.

Yes the same that you showed me, connection is stable and hardware is propperly connected.

The two variables: “NUITRACK_HOME” and “Path” are not showing on the list.

I downloaded the plugin from epic store and installed it normally. After rebooting the error persists.

Is this a common error? Can it be solved?

Thank you.

It looks like you don’t have Nuitrack Middleware installed (touchdesigner is a special case)
Please check out this “How To Start” tutorial