Laser power adjustment for D435

Hi Guys,
I want to adjust laser power in config file. What does the 1.0 represent in the following figure? For example, if I want to turn the laser power from 150mW to 200mW, what number should I input? Thanks


Its a value between 0.0 and 1.0 that lowers the output power of the laser. It should really never be changed unless you are using an external projector source.


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Hi Westa,
Thanks a lot! I do have an external LED projector. Should I lower the power of the laser?

By the way, what’s the laser power when the parameter equals 1.0 in config file? Does the 1.0 mean the laser power is at its maximum value?


1.0 is the maximum laser power. The actual value is defined by RealSense SDK.

Thank you very much!