Latest Nuitrack Work On Unity Editor, but not after build

i download the latest nuitrack from github, which unity is update 2months ago, and nuitrack update 21days ago.

Nuitrack: [Nuitrack v0.35.5]
Platform : [Nuitrack v0.35.5]
Unity 3D: [Nuitrack v0.35.3]

i double checked i install correctly, my environment variable do have
NUITRACK_HOME and path have correct values

tbb.dll file is replaced

i create new clean project and just import the nuitrack unity package
i tested on Unity2019.4.21f1 and Unity2020.3.4f1

For Unity2019.4.21f1
i open the RGBandSkeletons demo scenes and play
Editor mode : it works, however there are error sometimes : Assertion failed” UnityEngine.GUIUtility :ProcessEvent (int, intptr, bool&)"

after that, i take a build with the following setting :
PC platform
Target platforms : Windows
Architecture : x86
Api Compatibility Level : .Net Standard 2.0

and i run, it doesnt work.

error occurs : System.DllNotFoundException : libnuitrack

For Unity2020.3.4f1,
it took the same problem i mentioned before.

And i google how to fix it, some post tell me i should tick the “any platform” on NuitrackAssembly/, however, after i take it and click apply, after a second, it will pop up a message box and said “Unapplied import settings for 'Asserts/NuitrackSDK/Nuitrack/NuitrackAssembly/”.

No matter how i click “Apply”, the “any platform” will just back to untick
status. it just doesnt work

please help

Hello. Thanks for the detailed information.

Architecture : x86

Which setup file did you use, nuitrack-windows-x64.exe or nuitrack-windows-x86.exe?

Assertion failed” UnityEngine.GUIUtility :ProcessEvent (int, intptr, bool&)"

This error occurs in newer versions of the unit. We have not yet fully figured out why this is happening. This non-fatal error sometimes affects the rendering of the Unity interface. But you can just choose the asynchronous initialization mode. (Nuitrack in Unity 2020.3 Editor Issues)

thankyou for question me
“Which setup file did you use, nuitrack-windows-x64.exe or nuitrack-windows-x86.exe?”

since i am install with nuitrack-windows-x64.exe, and i am using Architecture : x86.

Now i change to Architecture : x86_64 and builds. it works well.

thankyou for your support

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