Licencing with multiple host PCs

Hello everyone,

I have been conducting research on the capture and tracking of information using multiple sensors. Given the need to avoid extending cables and the requirement of utilizing 4 cores for each sensor, I have decided to employ a dedicated host PC for each sensor. My question pertains to licensing: will I require a license for each host PC?

Thank you.

Hey @GDrawlim,

  • Nuitrack is currently licensed per-sensor, so you need a separate license for each depth sensor in your setup.
  • Two options here are:
    • Perpetual license (bound to the specific sensor) and
    • Annual subscription (movable between sensors).

Public versions of Nuitrack supports tracking from multiple sensors readily, but version with a spatial fusion of tracking results (Nuitrack Holistic) is in closed beta now.
You could launch separate Nuitrack instances on any number of hosts with separate licenses, but Nuitrack Holistic as of moment supports only single-host setup (spatial fusion computations couldn’t be distributed among multiple hosts).

If you could briefly describe your project / usage scenario (privately to a, we’ll assist with figuring out whether Nuitrack is a good fit for your needs.