License activation failed with docker

I installed nuitrack in docker container.
Licensing programs and examples of SDK worked well. However, when I try to activate my perpetual type license.

It gave me the below error:
Failed: License signature is incorrect. Invalid signature.
My worked driver version was 0.23.3

I also tried the latest version (0.29.0). But it was unable to run nuitrack_license_tool by root.

At first glance, the license key appears to be in raw form. It was hidden when typed on a regular Ubuntu desktop.

Even, I tried to share the directory which include license.json file with the docker container(After activating on the host). It also failed.

Is there any other command line licensing method?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to use Nuitrack Pro in Docker yet. We’re working on a solution to fix it.

@iosif.semenyuk Has this been fixed? I am trying to use Docker and encountering the following error:

terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘boost::exception_detail::clone_impl<boost::exception_detail::error_info_injectorboost::property_tree::json_parser::json_parser_error >’
what(): (2): invalid code sequence

Dear @atyshka,

currently it is not supported.
To better understand the supposed use-case - do you use depth sensors from inside Docker container ?

The use case is related to the issue I opened regarding libyaml. I cannot run other applications in Ubuntu 20.04 because the nuitrack version of libyaml is higher priority than the system library. I was trying to use docker to isolate nuitrack so this issue would not happen

OK, understood.
Actually it would be easier to isolate libyaml than to isolate Nuitrack in Docker :slight_smile:
Please tell had you tried recommendation from the freshdesk issue/ticket ?