License Not Accquired Error

I am getting this error every 3 seconds after i run the sample project on Unity3d.

nuitrack.LicenseNotAcquiredException: NuitrackException (LicenseNotAcquiredException

I am using the free version and I assumed that this would work for 3 minutes but it gives me error everytime i run the application after 3 secods.

Double this. Got a Trial license to evaluate if this software is worth it but the examples stop after 3 seconds tops with the above mentioned exception:

Create DepthProvider: AstraProPerseeDepthProvider
NUITRACK: LicenseNotAcquired exception (ExceptionType: 6)

The license.json file is present. All examples are affected by this problem.

When running “nuitrack_device_api_sample” this shows up

Available devices:
[0] 20030530035 (Astra), License: None

I can run “nuitrack” to check the sensor is assigned the Trial license and it is marked as “3 minutes”. With other words although the license has been activated and is valid the samples/runtime fails to find it.

I seem to have found a work-around.
When you run “nuitrack_device_api_sample” you get the above mentioned list of devices with “License: None” market.
Now press 0 to select the device
You are no prompted to enter a video format. Select one (the default seems to be 640x480 so I choose this again)
You will get to the same menu as if nothing happened
You still are in the same menu
Press RETURN again
You drop out to a new menu asking you to enter license key. Paste your trial license key into the prompt and press RETURN
This seems to activate the license key in a way the samples can pick it up. No idea what the difference is but nuitrack developers should address this issue.

Dear, Shahan.

You need to obtain and activate a trial license.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.