LicenseNotAcquiredException occured by trail License

I use trail license to test skeleton tracking in windows 10(64 bit) / VS2015 C++.

I have gotten trial license from activation, and test Nuitrack middleware by [~nuitrack\activation_tool\Nuitrack.exe] .

But when I run my demo, the LicenseNotAcquiredException occured in the calling
The trail license cannot used in Nuitrack SDK?

BTW: When I run [~nuitrack\activation_tool\Nuitrack.exe] , Must run it by administrator,
Or it will not display the depth image. Is there any solution for it?

Do you see the depth map after you click “Compatibility Test”?
If yes, please go to %NUITRACK_HOME%/data. Do you see the file “e24b…”?
If the file is created, please close the activation tool and run it again.
If this file wasn’t created, please run the activation tool as Administrator.
If you don’t see the depth map after you click “Compatibility Test”, please run “nuitrack_sample” from %NUITRACK_HOME%/bin and provide us with the console output.

  1. I see the depth map after click “Compatibility Test”
    I have input the trail license, and can run the sample for 3 minutes trail.
  2. There is no “e24b…” file in the folder %NUITRACK_HOME%/data
  3. I have run the activation tool as Administrator, and confirmed it on 3 PC
  1. I can see the depth map, and run for 3 minutes after inputing the trail license.
  1. There isnot “e24b…” file in the folder %NUITRACK_HOME%/data
    I have confirm in 3 PC, and got the same result.

The trial version has a limit of 3 minutes. After the activation of a license, the “e24b…” file turns into “license.json” that is located in your “data” folder. Please advise are there any unsolved issues?

I am trying to test the WindowsFormsCSharpTest from the Samples. I have a trial license, which I activated. I can run the Nuitrack trial for 3 minutes from the activation tool window.

However, when I build and run my WindowsFormsCSharpTest, the program returns the nuitrack.LicenseNotAcquiredException after 3 seconds.

I have the license.json in my nuitrack/data directory, so I don’t know what else I need to do to make this work through WindowsForm.

My goal is to develop a csharp application using nuitrack, so this is very important for me.


Hi @Mayar

Which version of Nuitrack are you using?

I have version 0.35.11. I just downloaded it last week from the website,


Hi @Mayar,

Could you try to build and run nuitrack_csharp_sample from NuitrackSDK?
Also check NUITRACK_HOME environment variable (default: C:/Program Files/Nuitrack/nuitrack/nuitrack/)

I was able to successfully build and run the nuitrack_csharp_sample from NuitrackSDK.

Is it possible to run this code with the debugger, instead of the .exe file?

Hi @Mayar,
Sorry for the late reply, could you try as follows:

  1. Create c# (.NET Framework) project. Copy Program.cs code from nuitrack_csharp_sample

  2. Go “Project” -> “Add Project Reference”:

find and add a reference to System.Drawing, System.Windows.Forms;


then navigate to Browse tab and use Browse to find and attach


  1. Open the properties for the project, go to the Build tab and check the “Allow unsafe code” checkbox. Change “Platform target” to x86.

  1. Go to “Tools”->“Options”->“Debugging”->“Symbols” and set the “Microsoft Symbol Servers” checkbox marked.

  1. Build solution