Licensing issues with Orbbec Astra Pro

We use Nuitrack for a Unity application with an Orbbec Astra Pro sensor. It has been a few of years and now we need our application for an upcoming trade show. I activate our license in the Nuitrack runtime. The license.json file is generated. But if I run the application without internet access, I get license activation errors from Unity after the 3 minute timeout, the same you would get with a trial license. If I launch the app while I have internet access, but then disconnect, it could run for a couple of days but eventually throw the licensing error. Anyone who does trade shows should understand the difficulty and cost to keep an active internet access to their booth in some locations (especially in the US). Last time when I used this 3 years ago, I don’t remember this being a problem. I didn’t think there was an active call to mother ship taking place from Unity to keep tabs on activation. I do not remember what version(s) of the runtime, Orbecc drivers, or Unity SDK I was using a few years ago, but it looks like legacy versions are not accessible. I can tell you my current setup is on all the latest versions. I am also getting some rogue errors vary intermittently when I call to create the SkeletalBody in the Nuitrack SDK. Just curious if anyone else using Nuitrack with an Astra Pro sensor has run into similar problems?

Hi @jsquaerd90,

specific behavior depends on the type of license used.
As we can see, you have subscription-type of licenses in your account, which is a online-license by design - it requires periodic Internet connection, but could be freely migrated to a new depth sensor.
Another option is a Perpetual license, which doesn’t require Internet, but hard-wired/bound to the specific depth sensor after initial activation.
Earlier we provided multiple licenses of each type, but as of moment (2022), we provide two specific licenses:

  • Nuitrack AI Perpetual - is a perpetual/offline license
  • Nuitrack AI Annual - is a subscription/online license

We’re closing this post now, please feel free to create a new in case of questions / issues.