LoadLibrary Failed with error 87: The Parameter is Incorrect

I am attempting to set up a Unity development environment on a new laptop for Kinect for Windows V2.

When launching the Nuitrack activation tool, after pressing Compatibility Test a pop up appears saying “LoadLibrary Failed with error 87: The Parameter is Incorrect”.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled a few times, verified that both the PATH variable are being set correctly, and uninstalled the Kinect V3 SDKs, but I am still having the same issue.

Right as I was about to send this I discovered that the issue goes away if I unplug the laptop universal docking station. Any idea on why this would be the case?

Hi Chris!

Describe in more detail what kind of dock you are using (model) and how the sensor is connected (which ports).
What OS and Unity do you use?

Looking forward to your response.