Manipulate Camera Data before using in Nuitrack


I would like to use 2 cameras with Nuitrack, but currently it is not supported.
My idea was if it is possible to manipulte the depth and color streams before forwarding it to nuitrack.
This would give me the possibility to mount 2 cameras side by side and map these to streams to one wide stream and then let nuitrack handle a e.g. 3840x1080 stream as it was from one camera.
The intel sdk is currently able to access more than 1 camera. I’m using the Intel Realsense D435.

Is there a possible way currently to to this?
Maybe somehow over the config. Nuitrack can also read saved files from the Realsense Viewer and replay them. If Nuitrack is able to replay the config live/on the go or something like that it would also be a possiblity

Thanks in regards.

If you’re going to manipulate any data BEFORE Nuitrack, it seems like you’re on the wrong forum here. Maybe try the intel forums.

Hi Johannes,

You can try to use the data recorded in .bag format using RealSense-Viewer tool from RealSense SDK. To run Nuitrack with .bag file, open %NUITRACK_HOME%/data/nuitrack.config file in a text editor and set the FULL path to the .bag file in the "Realsense2Module.FileRecord" section. Please note that Nuitrack Pro license is not compatible with this mode (each Nuitrack session lasts 3 minutes). Besides, this resolution (3840x1080) may not be supported, please check.

You may be interested in a feature called custom provider, which we’re now developing. You’ll be able to feed your depth map (for example, a point cloud recorded with several sensors) to Nuitrack for further processing. We’re planning to release this feature in the next few months.

Thanks for your answers.

“Custom Providers” sounds like the feature we would need. Since you said it is still in development, my idea is not possible right now.

Is the information when the feature is finished and released send via the newsletter or is there another way to stay updated?

Yes, we send the info about Nuitrack releases in a newsletter. You can subscribe to the newsletter at our website.