Mixing Animator + Tracking

Hello, first time posting in the forums:
We recently acquired a TVico system and we are trying to use this SDK for full body tracking. We are now facing a problem: we want to animate the hands of the character as the opening/closing of the real hands of the user occur. We have developed Unity animations for the hands, but when the Animator component for the character is activated, the game freezes.

Is there any way to override movement for hands/fingers over the body tracking?

Thanks in advance

Hi chusatorra,

You can take a look at the RiggedModel2Advanced scene from Nuitrack SDK. In this scene, the model has the HandPressure component on its hands. It uses the information from Nuitrack about hand state (whether it’s clenched or not). In Rotation, you have to specify the necessary hand joints in clenched and non-clenched state and the hand type (left/right).