ModuleNotInitializedException: NuitrackException

I have an Intel D435 camera which is properly installed and I can retrieve depth and RGB feeds when I run the Intel RealSense Viewer application.

However, when I try and run the Unity demo that comes with NUITrack SDK I get the following error

ModuleNotInitializedException: NuitrackException

which points to line 187 in NuiTrackManager.cs
depth sensor = nuitrack.DepthSensor.Create();

Can anyone suggest what may be wrong or further troubleshooting steps?

Did you start nuitrack? The simplest option to do that is to use the nuitrackscripts prefab and disable all sensors. That way nuitrack will start normally and you can create your own sensors in your own script.

It can also be that you didn’t install nuitrack successfully. Can you run the nuitrack activation test and does it show the depth sensor when testing? The activation test can be found in /nuitrack/activation_tool/Nuitrack.exe

Hi 4wall,

Please make sure that you’ve updated your camera firmware.

Before running Unity samples, try to run nuitrack_c11_sample.exe to check that Nuitrack is installed and runs correctly.

Hello @TheNoNinja I have problem when it comes to that and the error code was the activation license key… Activation error: NuitrackException: CURL(35) SSL connect error;;; I apologies for my bad english … Can you help me ?? Im using Kinect v1 right now.