ModuleNotInitializedException when using Asset Store Kinect v2 examples


I’m trying to initialize Nuitrack interface in ‘‘Kinect v2 Examples with MS-SDK and Nuitrack SDK’’ asset, but when I’m trying to manually set Nuitrack interface(w/o manually setting interface project load Default Kinect2Interface") I’m getting an error: nuitrack.ModuleNotInitializedException: NuitrackException (ModuleNotInitializedException).
Samples in nuitrack folder work, but I’m getting console log:

Can’t change mirror HW property for Depth stream ( Stream setProperty(7) failed

Can’t change mirror HW property for RGB stream ( Stream setProperty(7) failed

Environment Variables are set properly. Nuitrack installation folder has full permissions. Any idea to resolve this problem?

Also noticed that tere is problem with colorWebCam. It is null :confused:

These warnings are displayed for diagnostic purposes only.