More tuning details for the Intel D4xx series

Following on from my previous email - this summary contains some other info - in more maybe readable webinar presentation format.



Wow this is very useful. I didn’t know that D400 works even better under the sunlight. But these parameters are not accessible from Nuitrack API. We might need to use librealsense together to adjust setting from user code?

Does anyone know if we can access to these parameters from Nuitrack API?
I’m facing some body tracking performance problems that may be fixed with some different tuning of depth sensor.

Currently its not possible to directly tune many Realsense parameters beyond those listed in the nuitrack.config.

There are a couple of hidden variants for sizing - RawHeight and RawWidth

We have had some luck with the Preset - the correspond to the RealSense Viewer Presets
5 is the Medium setting for example

“Realsense2Module”: {
“Depth”: {
“ProcessMaxDepth”: 5000,
“ProcessWidth”: 640,
“ProcessHeight”: 480,
“Preset”: 5,
“PostProcessing”: {
“SpatialFilter”: {
“spatial_iter”: 0,
“spatial_alpha”: 0.5,
“spatial_delta”: 20
“DownsampleFactor”: 1
“LaserPower”: 1.0
“FileRecord”: “”,
“RGB”: {
“ProcessWidth”: 640,
“ProcessHeight”: 480