Moving license to a different sensor but the same machine

Is this possible at all? We have found that the Intel Real Sense camera doesn’t work on first boot but using a different camera such as the Asus Xtion or Primesense Carmine only on Intel NUC players. So we might need to abandon the use of the Real Sense camera (D435) as the Intel NUC is something we use exclusively.

Hi Lewi,

For testing purposes we provide free Nuitrack Trial, which has the same functions as Nuitrack Pro but should be restarted each 3 minutes. Unfortunately, Nuitrack license is non-portable because it’s linked to a sensor serial number (you can use different machines but the sensor should be the same).

Such weird problems happening with Intel NUCs and RealSense cameras. I simply reinstalled the RealSense driver and it suddenly all works again.

Thanks for your reply anyway.