Multicam support?

Hi, is the option of being able to use multiple cameras to track the same area being considered? I just bought 2 Intel Realsense D435i thinking it would be possible and I’m now finding out that’s not supported at the moment.

Thank you,

Hi Aniol,

Support for multiple cameras with Nuitrack is in our road map. You’ll be able to switch between several sensors connected to one PC. In this case several Nuitrack processes can be run on the same PC, however, each Nuitrack process will be performed using one camera (2 processes - 2 cameras, etc.).

Currently, we’re developing another feature called “custom provider”. You’ll be able to provide custom input to Nuitrack. As far as we understand, this feature will be suitable for your case. For example, you can use RealSense SDK to prepare the data (to fuse several depth maps and create a point cloud). Then, you can project this point cloud to a 2D plane and feed it to Nuitrack API using the custom provider. We’ll let you know when this feature is implemented.

Support for multiple sensors was added in Nuitrack v.0.33.0! You can select a specific sensor from the list of connected devices. You can also run several Nuitrack processes with several sensors (1 process = 1 sensor). See the detailed info here.

Is this accurate? THe Gitlab link is no longer functional.

Yep. Thank you @caseyfarina i fixed link in this message
github link: