Multiple Intel Realsense Camera


Is it possible to attach more than one camera on the same computer? It doesn’t have to be on the same thread or process in my case. But it seems impossible to select the camera in the Init of NuiTrack.

I would have two process with One skeleton tracking for each. MultiCam is possible with Intel SDK so… I hope it will be here also :slight_smile:

Currently - no - there is not way to select the device that nuitrack connects to :frowning:
It is a feature that has been asked for by a number of people.
And there is also no way to know which sensor was connect either fwiw.


Thanks for your confirmation…maybe later! :slight_smile:

I want to know if its currently possible to add an extra camera to the Intel D435 camera. I want to use multiple camera to track users hands. I this possible with the New SDK update ??

Hi Sean,

At the moment, support for multiple sensors connection with Nuitrack is not in our road map.