Multiple sensors env support - use case


I read in the forum about the support of multiple sensors.
Was wandering if its possible to achieve a ‘multi sensor - multi user’ environment
with 3d sensors for user tracking inside a relatively small pre-defined space.

Meaning that the same id/tag will be assign to the same user throughout the multiple sensors

Custom project is also considered.


Hi @paulk,

Could you please describe your use case in more detail? Do you just need to count unique users from multiple cameras? Want to use a 3d sensors or usual RGB cameras? Do you need to get a user’s skeleton or only a unique id?

Hi Vadim,

Will try

  1. I’m currently focusing to achieve my use case with 3d sensors, preferably
    stereo based technology (i.e. realsense Dxxx models) over lidar technology. not RGB.

  2. I’m not interested to count users. The goal is to keep track of a user using multiple sensors.

Lets say I have 2 sensors.
Sensor 1 which covers Zone A and sensor 2 which covers Zone B.
The calibration is then used so there is an overlap between the zones. (see image)
Untitled Diagram

if a user is enter zone A from a non-zone area, the user is tagged with id: X123
if he than walks from zone A to zone A+B and then B - the tag remains X123
(kind of a sensor cluster)

I’m aware that it can be achieved by self-implementation.
Was curious if you officially support such feature. Or as a custom feature.

Currently discussing only body tracking, not joints.

I hope I’ve made this clear.


I understood what you want. :slight_smile:

Was curious if you officially support such feature. Or as a custom feature.

Unfortunately, Nuitrack does not have this feature at the moment. But now we are discussing the implementation of this with the team.

And one more question. How do you want to adjust the location of the sensor because the default Intel Realsense cable is short? Do you want to use a USB extender? Or would you rather have two application instances on different machines that synchronize the result in one point?

Hi Paul, have you found a workaround or solution for this?

Hi Vadim,

My preference is to use 1 (relatively powerful) machine. Even if its 1 core per sensor.
As you Suggested - Yes. I can use Active USB extension cable or similar solutions. works fine.

Regardless of the use-case that I’ve described, We are very interested in the nuitrack sdk,
and would like to get more info about the RGB version. (for another use-case…)

How should I do it? through you or should I just fill the ‘contact us’ form located in your main page?

Hi @paulk,

You can contact me to discuss a personal development contract if you are interested.

@vadim.bazhin, I am interested,

how can we take it offline?

@paulk, you can contact me by email: