Multiple Skeletal tracking (6 users)


We are using NUITrack Unity plugin with intel real sense D415 sensor.

We need to track the skeleton of 6 users. The skeleton tracking demo works fine for two users. If there’re more than two users, the skeleton tracking confidence is 0 for the other users.

We have set the ‘SetNumActiveUsers’ as 6 in RGBandSkeleton demo scene but it’s still not tracking more than 2 users.

Can you please guide us how to track more than 2 skeletons?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Yes, you can track skeletons of several users (up to 6). To do this, you have to edit nuitrack.config file (%NUITRACK_HOME%/data): in the section “Skeletonization”, set “ActiveUsers” to the desired value (up to 6 skeletons)
Also please try to run another samples as well (for example, nuitrack_csharp_sample, nuitrack_gl_sample from Nuitrack SDK)