New Installer does not register itself correctly

We’ve just began trying your new nuitrack installer, but we found some potentially dangerous issues with it.

The installer copies the files into C:/Program Files/Nuitrack

But registers the uninstall registry key into HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall{a190128c-4e94-46be-b529-720b7b34b4e5}

This is very dangerous when we have multiple windows user accounts in the same machine, because only the windows user that installed the software can see the uninstaller in its “installed programs” window. Furthermore, a different windows user might think that nuitrack is not installed and he will try to install it again. If that happens, it will probably overwrite the program files, rendering the uninstall of the first user broken.

Keep in mind the windows user that uninstalls nuitrack does not need to be the some windows user that installed it.

In order to support uninstall from any user, you must change HKEY_CURRENT_USER to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE

Alternatively, I would suggest to use an installation build tool like (which is free) to make installer executables.

We have our own installer for our product, and in our experience, making installers is a lot more complex that it looks, for example, our installer checks if the application is already running before attempting to uninstall; and if a new installer is run, it checks if it was previously uninstalled, and uninstalls the previous installation before installing the new version.

Also, if you have dependencies (like OpenNI) should the uninstaller also uninstall OpenNI? what if other applications are using OpenNI? if you uninstall it you might break them. That’s why tools like Wix and MSI are used, because they handle dependencies correctly, and only uninstall third party dependencies when they’re no longer needed.

Hi Vpenades,

Thank you for your observations and advice.
We use Qt Installer Framework and we’ll check how it processes the registry keys.
When Nuitrack is uninstalled, OpenNI is NOT uninstalled. Please contact us if it’s uninstalled in your case.