New Realsense D455 on Nuitrack


Now , Intel announces new RealSense Depth Camera D455 website

Can Realsense D455 run on Nuitrack?

The D455 uses the same open source Intel RealSense SDK 2.0 as all other current generation Intel RealSense Depth Cameras.

Thank you

We haven’t tested RealSense Depth Camera D455 yet. Support will probably be added after we get the device for testing.

I second this sensor hope to see it added soon so i can start using your software

We just got the new D455 camera and noticed that both Nuitrack and Cubemos could not detect the camera. D455 support would be much appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:

We have several and our testing for our application is much better than the D435. Very interested in seeing the new AI solver along with this sensor.

Another nudge on this one, we really want the D455 for its range and would like to become a Nuitrack customer, lacking support for the camera would be a deal-breaker. Thank you so much!

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The support on d455 has coming, and I’m testing on it.