New upcoming SDK

Hello there,
I was wandering if we could get some informations about the promising upcoming SDK
Will it be aired in May?
Will it significantly improve the tracking?
Processing time will still be reasonnable with deep learning on RGB image?
(I tried a bit Open Pose and it was way too much resource-consuming)

Thank you for your hard work !

it is too early to definitely comment about new AI version)
target is end of 1H2019, not May though.
It is got a great potential but at the beginning it is unlikely quality of tracking will be better than the current Nuitrack version.
as for processing time idea that combination of depth-sensor data and AI can lead to dramatically smaller networks needed for the same quality outcome.

Hi, I would like to know if, for the new SDK, a number of issues will be fixed, in particular, I’m interested in these:

and this:

Hi Vpenades,

We’re working on the first two issues. As for the third one, you can actually get the frame size and FOV using Nuitrack API (check GetOutputMode and OutPutMode). In one of the next releases, you’ll be able to get the name of the used sensor.