No solution to this problem? Each colorframe brings a reversal of the value

Each colorframe brings a reversal of the value.
It’s a very embarrassing phenomenon, but nobody seems to know anything about it.
I want this Sdk support team to tell me that there is no clear answer.

It’s so frustrating to have no answer. If there are any parts that need clarification, please request it.

It may be very strange to ask a question using a translator, but please reply.

Use Unity 2018.2.10f1 and Asus Xtion 2.

Please answer.
If you don’t know, please say ‘I don’t know’.

Hi Jeong,

Could you describe your issue in more detail? It’s not clear what’s wrong based on your attached image (the colors are displayed correctly and not inverted).

The byte array “Data” in ColorFrame contains the bytes corresponding to the pixels of a colored (RGB) image in the order Blue-Green-Red: blue[0], green[0], red[0], blue[1], green[1], red[1], …
ColorFrame provides the GetValue method, which returns the Color3 structure, which allows to call the RGB channels by their name, i.e.:

Сolor3 color;;

The inverted colors bug was fixed in NuitrackSDK v1.3.4.

By the way, you can contact We provide support to all of our customers within one working day.

I think my question was wrong. The problem with me is not that the color is inverted. Sometimes the color frame values are inverted vertically whenever the program is executed.

Please provide us with a video file or screenshots that illustrate this problem (inverted color values).

So the data in ColorFrame goes along width first and then height?