Node process has died (seg fault)


I am trying to run a ROS node “nuitrack_body_tracker” as found on this repository.
Compilation goes without any errors.
Shortly after launch, the process dies with exit code -11 (a segmentation fault) as seen in this image:

Running it through gdb, this is what the frame shows:
Note the “aaaaaaaaa” and “bbbbbbbbbb” are test strings I made to track run progress.

This is the output of gdb bt (backtrace):

I have a working nuitrack trial license, and I am able to run nuitrack_sample with a 3 minute time limit.
I am using an Intel Realsense D435 camera, with a USB 3.0 connection.
Does anyone have any suggestions for how to solve this, or experience with similar issues?

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Hi Tim,

  1. Please advise what device do you use with D435 and Nuitrack?
  2. Are OpenNI utils installed to the system?
  3. Please provide us with the list of dynamic dependencies.

Hi Olga,

I am using a PC with Ubuntu 16.04 and ROS Kinetic.
OpenNI utils arent installed but OpenNI2 utils were, however removing them did not change the situation.
I am not sure how to find the list of dynamic dependencies.

I have just been given an older NuitrackSDK (1.3.5) and installation .deb (0.23) that seem to have fixed the problem completely. I have also tried it with 1.3.8 and 0.23, this works successfully as well, and my colleagues say 1.3.10 works too.

Hi Tim,

Thanks for your feedback!

If you get a chance, try to use the latest Nuitrack version following the recommendations below:

  • [If you use Nuitrack C++ API] Make sure that Nuitrack 0.28.0 is used with Nuitrack SDK 1.4.0, it’s important.
  • Try to move from /usr/local/lib/nuitrack/OpenNI2/Drivers/ to /usr/local/lib/nuitrack/OpenNI2/ (up one level)

Hi Olga,
I had the same question. I am sure that I installed the Nuitrack 0.28.0 with SDK 1.4.0 but it can’t work.I also move the to up one level but it can’t work too.
If I switch the 0.23 and 1.3.5, the program works fine but my online license (nuitrack pro) can not use.
Is there any other solutions?

Hi Olga,

I have set up a new computer with the up to date Nuitrack files (SDK 1.4.0 and deb 0.28) and tried moving the file that you suggested however I still get the same exact problem.

We’ll fix this bug in the next Nuitrack release.