Not Displaying Joint Movement when using Nuitrack in Unity

I have been following this tutorial and just finished all the steps in the indirect mapping.

However, when I run it, Unity does not display in real time my joint movement. The avatar on screen successfully follows me around when I move, but then when I move my arms or legs up and down, it does not do anything.

More interesting is that when I stop it, the last frame it displays for a second before existing shows my avatar in the position I was last in. For example, if I run it and just raise my right hand, then stop it, the final frame will be my avatar with the right hand up.

What this means is that it is successfully tracking the joints (I can see this also through logs), but is not properly displaying this skeletal tracking to the screen in real time.

Anyone else have this problem and how did you solve it/what tips do you have for me trying to solve this?

I didn’t understand your all words. Sorry, I can’t read English well.
Find ‘RiggedModel’ scene in unity project window and play it.
It works same to your scene?
If no one exist to solve it, could you upload video for this problem?
Thank you.

Hi Joshua,

It seems that Nuitrack works correctly, please try to use a different Unity version to check this issue.

Thanks for the tip!

I looked at the RiggedModel and noted the differences and realized I had a lot of the extra stuff like “Animator,” and “Face Update” selected when I only needed “transform,” and my script selected. Once I deselected the unnecessary ones, everything worked properly.

Unity was okay, it was another problem with what I selected. Thanks so much for the help though! Really appreciate it!