Nuitrack 27 (and 29) installation fails to Uninstall

I’ve wanted to install Nuitrack 29… but before that, I wanted to UNinstall Nuitrack 27, this is the error its giving me:

The last line of the log “El valor Path ya existe. ¨Desea sobrescribirlo (S¡/No)?” translates to: “The value Path already exists. Do you want to overwrite it (Yes/no)?”

This means you’re calling a command in the uninstaller that it is requesting human input in a command line, but since this is being displayed in the unistaller log window, there’s no way to answer “yes” to let the uninstall process to continue. As a consequence, the uninstall process gests stucked!.

Furthermore, if this is the way you’re using to set the environment path, it is a VERY BAD way of setting it.

I’ve noticed this because I am a developer, but if this happens in the computer of a client, we would have not noticed this.


I’ve been able to fix the uninstaller by manually editing the clear_sys_env.bat located in the installation directory, the last two lines:

reg add %HKLM% /v Path /t REG_EXPAND_SZ /d "%curpath%" /f
reg delete %HKLM% /v NUITRACK_HOME /f

should be changed to:

reg add %HKLM% /f /v Path /t REG_EXPAND_SZ /d "%curpath%"
reg delete %HKLM% /f /v NUITRACK_HOME

I am not sure why the reordering makes a difference, but I suspect that in some machines, curpath is too long and prevents the /f command to take effect.

By the way, after successfully uninstalling 27 and installing 29, I’ve checked clear_sys_env.bat and I’ve noticed it still has the same issue.

Nevertheless, I’ve began thinking about… why do you need to set the environment’s Path? I suspect it’s to remove the nuitrack paths, right? the question is:

  • Are you capturing the Path value when you install the runtime, store it somewhere, and when the user uninstalls, you set it back?
  • Or, when the user uninstalls, you check the Path, you look for the nuitrack paths, and you remove it from the list of paths?
  1. We’re going to release a new version of Nuitrack in the near future. In this update, this issue will be fixed.
  2. We remove the path to Nuitrack from the Path environment variable when the user uninstalls Nuitrack.