Nuitrack activation tool ERROR: ‘The procedure entry point could not be located in the dynamic link library’

Hello all,
When I installed Nuitrack SDK 0.35.7, I got an error saying that the starting point of the dynamic library procedure could not be found.

However, when Nuitrack SDK 0.28 is installed, it can be used without any problem.

It’s give me same error when I installed Nuitrack SDK 0.35.10, is there any solution?

Hi @thomas!

Sorry for the issues you’ve encountered!
Could you please check that your environment variables are set correctly:

  • There should be the NUITRACK_HOME variable with the value of (install-folder)\nuitrack
  • The ‘PATH’ variable should include the path to (install-folder)\nuitrack\bin

Also, try moving your nuitrack ‘path’ environment variable to the top of your ‘path’ list.

Looking forward to your response.