Nuitrack AI GPU compatibility and recorded videos

Hello everybody,
I wanted to know if the NVidia Geforce GTX 1060, Quadro RTX 4000, RTX A4000 and RTX 2070 GPUs are compatible with AI skeleton tracking.
Also is it possible to use the library on pre-recorded videos (acquired through the original Intel realsense software and camera D435)?
The programming language used is C#.

Dear @PrimeMB ,

  1. as of moment AI skeletal tracking requires only sufficiently powerful (4 cores) desktop CPU to run at real-time/30fps (GPU strictly required only for object detection)
    As for object detection - any Nvidia consumer-grade GPU card should work well (GTX, RTX).
    Tesla, Quadro should also work well (being CUDA compatible), but haven’t tested specifically by Nuitrack developers.
  2. It is possible to try Nuitrack with a *.bag file (please refer to this post).
    Please note that this isn’t official feature and provided “as is”.

Thank you for the reply. I did some tests using .bag movies and the result was not optimal. In fact, the system does not recognize the skeleton of the filmed subjects most of the time.
Does the algorithm for skeleton identification take advantage of AI even when applied to movies?

I specify that I initially used the trial license and later activated the perpetual license: by doing so, it no longer seems to suffer from the three-minute limitation, but the results have not changed.

Hi @PrimeMB ,

please note that AI-based skeletal engine should be switched on manually according to these steps.

Please take a quick look at video to figure out what should be expected from AI tracking engine.

We can help with figuring out possible issues, if you can attach some *.bag example to the Help Desk ticket (privately).

Hi Andrew!
I replied to your email with the ticket.

Hi @PrimeMB as we are proceeding through email, let’s continue there.
I’m now closing this ticket, but please feel free to start additional email threads with me directly in case of additional questions.