Nuitrack AI Skeletal tracking crashes Unity

Hi there,

When I try to use Nuitrack AI skeletal tracking in Unity, it crashes the program. Regular skeletal tracking…skeletal regression…works wonderfully.

I believe this happens when “skeletonTracker.StopTracking(user.ID)” is called. But I’m not sure, it also appears to happen spontaneously.

There is also some framerate lag when using the AI tracking in Unity. This is a bit of a let down because I was under the impression that this tracking is more precise.

There are some differences between your .net implementation of Nuitrack and the code in the Unity asset. Could this be causing the issue? AI runs fine when I run your precompiled c# apps.


Hello @parksb
Do you really need to use skeletonTracker.StopTracking (user.ID)? Describe how is it used?

This AI-skeleton requires more resources from your PC. What is the percentage of the CPU used when the scene starts?

We do need to use “skeletonTracker.StopTracking(user.ID)”. It’s a very convenient way to ensure the user is standing in the correct location.

But we have actually come to realize that it doesn’t have much to do with the “StopTracking” command. It just crashes after a short period of time in Unity.

We’ve actually switched sensors so we no longer have an AI license to experiment with. Have you gotten AI skeletal tracking to work in Unity?

Oh I just tried it with the free trial and the new sensor. AI actually works really poorly with our Kinect V2 for some reason. And the CPU is at 100%. Normally it is at about 50%.